Destination dressing

There's something about the word tourist that gives me the ick, but I do however love the idea of being a foreigner, some exotic creature from a far away land where, incognito, I can pretend that the backseat of my car isn't overflowing with crap. 

When I know I'm travelling I always have these far fetched ideas of a fresh pedicure, immaculate eyebrows and glowing skin.... I think there was a trip in 2014 where I managed two out of the three but the reality is, I run around like a Crystal Maze contestant unsure whether to persevere against the odds or cut my losses and duck out the door in time to catch my flight.

It is for this reason and this reason alone that I'm here to champion destination dressing. i.e. if I only have a limited amount of stuff that all works together, I know as long as I cover my bases, (although some would suggest I focussed on covering my bum....) I will at least look "put together".

I've picked out a collection of my go-to pieces, for our first stop: Ibiza town!



Champion of the Brave  


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Destination wardrobe

1. Claudia Swimsuit

I find one piece swimsuits can be little hit and miss, but a lot of work has gone into making this shape special. The universally flattering square neckline belies the deeply scooped rear view, and the winning combination of centre back seam and French cut leg is here to give the illusion of an ass that didn't quit. This Claudia is particularly tantalising with a nude mesh lining overlayed in a stretch laser cut lace. 

Warning… Some people will be glad to see the back of you! 


2. Le Kate Sportif 

Let me introduce you to Kate's athletic cousin, le Kate sportif! Having worn my bamboo Kate dress(es) on repeat since her arrival, with a gang of vests in 2020, I felt it was time for an update. She will never truly usurp the OG Kate's versatility, but what she is bringing to the table is:

• A weightier fabric. The viscose crepe is a looser textured weave, which is clingy in the good way (not like Matt from accounts).

• A thigh high split, because god knows I love me one of them. I think of a split in a skirt like garnish. It's not for every day, and there are even those who'll pass it up entirely, but I feel it shows a little bit of added "confidence in the contents" and turns a Prosecco into a Bellini... 

• In case the split alone wasn't enough of a head turner it's finished of with a contrast racing stripe for a speedy getaway


3. Eve Top 

Another hero style here at Wonderlust is our Eve pull on bustier. It has an elasticated back, side boning for support, and the intertwined cups not only give it its sweetheart neckline, but variable bust capacity too. While strapless styles have been on the back burner for a while, I think they're long due a come back and this is a surprisingly practical daytime alternative if like me you live in fear of dreaded tan lines.

4. Frankie Trousers 

 I know we all love to bang on about the benefits of natural fibres, and they are countless.... but the realities are that "crease-free" they are not. The billowy nature of these trousers means you don't need to worry about getting hot and sweaty. You can roll them up, tuck them in your handbag, and in a one-man magic show, pull them out hours later to rock up elegantly for lunch belying a bum crack full of sand. 

Top tip! Go longer as they look amazing with heels. You can always  roll them up at the waistband to wear with flats as an option. 


5. Cabaret Skirt

Every trip needs a party piece, and I'm bringing the carnival cabaret. Sequins in the sunshine are just as fun, and ever determined not to be outshone (even if my competition is the SUN), I've decided on yellow! It's also playful enough that I won't feel overdressed! 


6. Kimono  

This Palm Print kimono was inspired by my last stay at the standard and is a nod to their textiles and signature yellow... This is a great place for people watching, so if you choose your place carefully enough, you may just blend in to the decor for a front row seat at breakfast. The floaty georgette base is threaded with gold and flecked with dobby tufts, and I fell in love with the tropical print the first time I saw it.


7. Crew Jacket 

This handsome stonewashed bomber is a great  travel companion, substantial enough to keep you warm whist being short enough not to ruin your outfit... it also has a secret pocket in the sleeve where I shall undoubtedly safely stow something valuable, promptly forget, and mourn its loss before rediscovering it in 3 years time.

8. Basics 

In addition, we just need some basics - a white ribbed vest, a cute t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. Despite being a low-rise enthusiast, I find high waisted is better for layering so these shorts are perfect. Also some outerwear passing underwear- this set doubles as a bikini too! (tried and tested).


9. Shoes 

In an ideal world, I would pack a pair of flip flops, my favourite trainers and pair of heels. But despite space being a premium with these militant baggage allowances, I'd never feel comfortable travelling with less than three pairs of you may note the lack of toiletries, reading materials or basically anything I can get at the airport and now you know why. 


10. Accessories 

 Often overlooked, the small but mighty impact of some statement jewellery and clever accessorising  is character building, literally. I'm taking some beaded earrings - my nod to the bohemian, a pair of my favourite Scream Queen earrings, my nod to the queens, some sunnies, and a few subtle jewellery pieces too.

The handy beach tote is a must for the every day traveller, big enough to carry all the beach essentials and a little extra space for souvenir shopping. For piazza drinks, dinners and dancing, the Cosmo Clutch is my preferred companion for a night of glamour with a little risk taking.