Destination Dressing

There's something about the word tourist that gives me the ick, but I do however love the idea of being a foreigner, some exotic creature from a far away land where, incognito, I can pretend that the backseat of my car isn't overflowing with crap. 

When I know I'm travelling I always have these far fetched ideas of a fresh pedicure, immaculate eyebrows and glowing skin.... I think there was a trip in 2014 where I managed two out of the three but the reality is, I run around like a Crystal Maze contestant unsure whether to persevere against the odds or cut my losses and duck out the door in time to catch my flight.

It is for this reason and this reason alone that I'm here to champion destination dressing. i.e. if I only have a limited amount of stuff that all works together, I know as long as I cover my bases, (although some would suggest I focussed on covering my bum....) I will at least look "put together".

I've picked out a collection of my go-to pieces, for our first stop: Ibiza town!



Champion of the Brave  

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Destination Wardrobe