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We are Wonderlust: a fashion label for grown up girls who work, rest and play hard and do it in style!!  Casual glamour is where we’re at… because you can work a Grace Kelly inspired net-skirt with trainers - we promise.  


Our clothes


We design and make the clothes in our in-store workshop; this makes our clothes as unique as us.  Using fabrics that are interesting and beautiful, we carefully manage productions through teams of London-based machinists who have a wealth of experience.  Some of our fabrics are deadstock (fabrics that – despite their beauty – would go to waste) so this and our love for keeping it local means we are a very respectable shop indeed (even if some of the necklines aren’t!)  This is all very ethical, isn’t it?  Please go ahead and polish your halo after you’ve rocked our rags.      


Our store

It’s a destination in itself! 

The on-site sewing studio is a hotbed of design and creativity that fills the shop with individual pieces that will be wardrobe favourites.  Just looking round the shop will have you hyperventilating – limited edition prints billow on the rails, Angel Bling Wing earrings sparkle (warning: may cause temporary blurry vision), and disco dresses dazzle.  And because they are made on-site, with love and care, the clothes have an exclusive kind of vibe so no one else’s ass will look quite like yours on the commute/school run/catwalk-in-your-head/pub/walk-of-shame.    


Our Story


Back in 2015, over a coffee whilst sporting a homespun bralet and a self-styled-user-friendly tutu, brand consultant and guerrilla designer Sarah Milmine set before Sara Layton her vision of a fashion label that would make glamorous living accessible.  Already an industry virtuoso, Layton was eager to bring her talents to the cutting table.  And so underpinned by the philosophy of casual glamour Wonderlust was born and later given breath in the first stand-alone store – a pop-up retail outlet and workshop in one.  


Fast-forward to 2018 and the now permanent Wonderlust headquarters is in Teddington, south-west London. 

A cavern of wonder, sparkle, industry and imagination, do stop by and take a peek.  

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