the home of casual glamour

Since launching in 2016, Wonderlust has become a treasured favourite destination for casual glamour in the heart of Teddington, West London. Circumstance and curiosity led to Wonderlust’s beginnings, when founder Sarah Milmine left the world of digital design and after years of casual fabric buying and late night experiments, launched her own brand.

our studio and sustainability

With a commitment to delivering casual glamour, our studio houses a growing team working away behind the scenes to design, and produce unique & sustainable collections that are not focused around trends. Using fabrics that are interesting and beautiful, we carefully manage productions through teams of London-based machinists who have a wealth of experience.  Shying away from the fast fashion business model, our small batch production allows us to reduce waste and manage supply. This means we can efficiently meet consumer demand whilst reducing unnecessary waste. Some of our fabrics are even classed as deadstock (fabrics that – despite their beauty – would go to waste) so this, and our love for keeping it local means we are a very respectable shop indeed (even if some of the necklines aren’t!).


30 High Street, Teddington 

TW11 8EW

Opening Hours: 

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, 

Sun 11am-5pm

Contact No. 07415 734 901

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